East meets West, Oakland California

In a wonderful working relationship of 15+ years with very special clients, we have designed five distinct gardens bound by a common palette of materials in order to complement the architecture of this distinctive contemporary home on a glorious site overlooking the San Francisco Bay.

The Asian inspired entrance is planted with river birches, artfully pruned cut-leaf maples, bamboo and a beautifully framed olive tree. Integral color stucco walls are combined with a richly detailed wood veil that creates a semi private entry courtyard. Inside the courtyard visitors are welcomed with the calming sound of trickling water.  As you enter the next garden room you pass through a soothing gray-green color scheme of Japanese-style joinery in the form of  walls and gates that lead you into a visually soothing yin-yang garden, or meditation space.

Our garden design team created all the woodwork, welded steel edging, finely articulated stonework and the garden’s three fountains which create focal points

A sports court made with synthetic turf is defined by a banding pattern of monolithic slabs of granite juxtaposed by hand-cut irregular slabs of bouquet canyon stone. To compliment the orthogonal layout of the granite, in an artful play of plant material and pruning styles, we tightly manicured a Euonymus hegde to reinforce the clean lines of the granite stone banding.

Finally, a gorgeous terrace facing the Bay offers a profusion of Mediterranean planting. Walkways allow the homeowners and their friends to enjoy the views and the heady scents of rosemary on leisurely evening stroll.

The overall planting concept for the garden is a palette that focuses on shades of green and the size and texture of plant material found in the natural landscape. There is a very strong inherent order to this complex and sophisticated garden, but the overall effect is uniquely peaceful and serene.